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Yoga Classes

If you are interested in connecting with your body, quieting the mind and feeling better about yourself, then yoga is a great place to start.  Yoga is not about the perfect pose and bending like a pretzel. It is a journey we take within ourselves to learn to cultivate an appreciation and love for our mind and body.  While you may start with not being able to touch your toes or hold yourself in plank, you will find as you continue to practice that your body grows stronger and can stretch further.  Overall your health and wellness is improving. You will develop more love and acceptance of yourself. The point of yoga is to meet yourself where you are each day and flow from there. Learn this on the mat and you will be able to take it with you off the mat in your day to day living. And with so many different yoga styles, there is a good change you will find at least one that works for you!





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