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Energy Healers

Do any of these statements feel familiar?

If so, you are in the right space. 

1. You feel there is so much more going on than what we see. You feel there is a deeper meaning to life.​

2. You want to connect further with your soul and learn what their purpose is in this lifetime​.

3. You are interested in Reiki, either receiving treatments or learning how to use it.

​4. It feels like some of the symptoms you are experiencing within and around your body  hold more meaning and purpose. You may sense when a mood has changed in a room or just "know" how someone else is feeling. All the while you are feeling tired, depressed and/or anxious.  (You are most likely empathic and your body is struggling to process everything it is taking in all at once).​

5. Maybe you already know that you have spiritual gifts such as being an empath and want to expand on them.

​6. You are interested in learning more about your personal spiritual journey.  It is not unusual to hit a crossroads or what feels like a crisis of spirituality in your life. It is okay to doubt, step back and try to figure it out.


​If any of these ideas feel true to you and you wish to have more answers, then you are in the right place.  


Jamie offer services which can help you on your energetic and spiritual path which include Reiki Training/Attunements, Reiki Distance Healing, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Profiling, Messages from Guides and Tarot/Oracle Readings. 

60A Werner St. P O Box 119 Wernersville, PA 19565                 P: 610.750.9447               F: 610.750.9383

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