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  • Do you accept insurances?   Yes we do accept most insurances and EAP's for counseling services.  Please contact us for more information. We will NOT be credentialed with Cigna, Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP programs.​​  Not all therapists are credentialed with insurances. 

Can I see a therapist without insurance?  Yes, you can pay out of pocket/private pay for therapy. Our set rate is $130-$150/hour. We can also provide you with a super bill if you want to use your out of network benefits (OON). 

  • What is a Good Faith Estimate?  In order to protect anyone from unexpected medical charges, The Consolidations Appropriations Act of 2021 was enacted to protect consumers. Most medical facilities are required to offer you a Good Faith Estimate if you do not have insurance or do not wish to use it.  You will receive a form via the portal once an appointment is made if you fall under this category. All of our fees are set so you won't receive any surprise bills. You can visit for more information. 

  • Do you offer Telehealth therapy?  Yes we offer telehealth. We are using Therapy EHR which has a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Please note, to be seen by a therapist via telehealth, you must be in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of the session.

  • What does a session cost if I am using my insurance?  The copay or deductible varies based off of your health plan.  Often out-patient mental health services are found under the specialist copay.  It is encouraged to contact your insurance company to find out what your financial responsibility is for each session.

  • What hours are you in the office?  Each clinician has their own schedule of availability.  We work hard to make sure that everyone can been seen at a time that is convenient to them. We do offer evenings hours multiple days during the week and some weekends.


  • What can I expect during the first session?  The first session is often called an assessment session. It lasts 60 minutes. It is when we set the foundation for therapy and begin to build the therapeutic relationship. Initial paperwork is reviewed, insurance verified and any questions you may have are answered.  The therapist may ask questions about symptoms, past treatment, family history and current stressors to get a better understanding of what you are experiencing.  We also look at your strengths and what is working for you.  

  • What can I expect from therapy? Each therapist has their own style of how they offer therapy.  We encourage you to talk to your therapist about their approach and what you feel you need from therapy. It is important to share with your therapist your needs from them throughout your time together. Some people like to be given tasks to do or "homework" while others need to talk out what is going on in their mind. If you are not sure what you need, it can be explored in sessions. The overall expectation of therapy it to help you manage your symptoms more effectively and be able to have the tools to cope on a daily basis. 

    • There are times when the therapist and client do not connect well. It is okay and nobody's fault.  If you feel you do not connect with your therapist, please let us know and we can try work through it or we can help to connect you with someone else who may be a better fit.

    • Most sessions last 60 minutes.  EAP sessions are 45 minutes. Most sessions can be tailored to 30 or 45 minutes depending on your needs.  Generally sessions are every other week. They can be adjusted to fit your needs. The length of time in therapy depends on many factors and can be discussed with your therapist in session. 






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