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Jamie Hogan
Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic Record Reader

Jamie has been interested in spirituality and energy healing since she was young.  She was first attuned to Reiki I as a teenager. She fell away from the healing arts for a while and came back to them in her 30's, when she felt driven to reconnect and grow her skills. 

Along with being trainined in Reiki, Soul Profling and Akashic Records, Jamie took seminars in animal communication, connecting with guides/angels, aura reading and interpretation, communicating with crystals, pendulum use, chakra balancing, cord cutting and removal of negative energy/entities and more.

Jamie also enjoys the use of tarot and oracle cards for guidance and direction and includes then in healing practices as needed.  She regularly connects with her trusted circle of healers to continue to learn and grown, along with support and be supported.

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My Trainings

Reiki I Certification                 2015          by Suesie Hartman

Reiki II Certification                2017          by Andreanna Dorrs

Reiki III Master Certification  2018          by Andreanna Dorrs

Reiki Teacher Certification    2019          by Andreanna Dorrs

Soul Profiling training            2019          by Andreanna Dorrs

Akashic Record Reader         2023           by Irma Kaye Sawyer

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