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Sarah Alley
Essential Oil Specialist

Along with being a therapist, Sarah is passionate about essential oils. Sarah has been personally enjoying and professionally working with essential oils for over 25 years. Her preferred oil brand is Young Living (YL) Essential Oils and their wellness products because of  their therapeutic value and Seed to Seal Promise.  

Sarah has experienced within herself and seen positive changes happen for others when using these products. She loves that there are so many ways to integrate essential oil use into someone's life.  Sarah uses them for diffusing, applying to the body, ingesting and making cleaning products to name a few. 

Since experiencing training and continuous education, Sarah is aware that not all essential oils are created equal and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.  As a Young Living Brand Partner and Educator, Sarah works with their oils and wellness products for herself and clients to support a heathier lifestyle. 

Sarah currently offers a variety of essential oil classes and has been for the past seven years.  In her classes, she educates others on the quality of YL oils, how to utilize them safely in your everyday life, and how adaptable essential oils are for various purposes.  

Sarah also offers a wellness consultation integrating an Itovi scan. You can read more about service on our individual services page 

Please note: Sarah is not a doctor and cannot treat nor diagnose.

My Story

Sarah is a certified allied addiction practitioner and a certified recovery specialist. She has a Master of Arts in clinical counseling from Alvernia University and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and health promotion and fitness from Coastal Carolina University. Sarah has had many trainings and education in Young Living Essential Oils and using the Itovi scanner.  She loves teaching about essential oils to groups of people or doing 1:1 sessions to tailor the oils to what each person needs. 

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